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Loop Crypto subscription plan

Subscription management for crypto

Loop is the easiest and most reliable way to collect crypto subscription payments.

Save time

Eliminate the headache and time-consuming process of manually tracking crypto payments. Automated notifications, invoices, and receipts make collecting and managing crypto payments simple.

Grow & retain customers

Unlock the growing global web3 consumer base with a seamless payments experience. Allow customers to set up recurring payments once and focus on enjoying your product. 

No code required

Implementation is easy. Whether you need a simple no-code solution deployed in minutes or a deeper integration using our SDK, Loop has the flexibility to meet the needs of your business or project.

Integrate crypto and fiat

Loop is designed for the web 2.5 world and works with your existing financial management infrastructure. We have integrations with traditional subscription management tools, like Chargebee and Stripe .

Subscriptions just got easier

Stripe Integration

Fiat and crypto in one place, powered by the Loop protocol.

Subscriptions simplified 

Manage one set of subscription plans in Stripe and use Loop's payment link when you want to collect in crypto. It's that simple.

Unlock metadata & controls

Ditch the endless spreadsheets. View all your transaction hashes, invoices, wallet addresses, and customer identifiers natively together in one place.

Seamless invoice management 

Track all your invoices in Stripe and leverage the Loop protocol for on-chain payment processing.

Discount codes and more

Leverage the native features of Stripe on top of Loop’s rails. Create discount codes or enable free trials, while still getting paid in crypto.

Loop Crypto payment link

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