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A web3 native
payment processor

Loop enables you to build the automation features your users have been asking for.

Unlock value for your users.

Power your application with our simple and fast integration

Loop’s SDK and API endpoints make it simple to use Loop to power your application under the hood. With Loop, you can enable your users to: 

Schedule payments

Teams want to focus on building their products, not coordinating multisig holders to make payments. The current process is a headache taking hours and requiring multisig owners to reaffirm decisions that have already been approved by the relevant stakeholders. Loop streamlines this entire process with automation.

Improve reporting

Teams need to reconcile on-chain transactions with invoices and off-chain approvals. This is time consuming and tedious. Loop natively matches scheduled transfers with their on-chain transaction hash after execution. This provides visibility over your team’s on-chain financial activities.

Manage workflows

Web3 teams require controls and transparency around approval processes. Loop allows applications to build flows that make sense for your operations. Get approval once and build approval flows around your organizational structure, not your key holders.

Web3 payments made simple

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