Loop + Stripe is now live. Read the blog post and get started today.

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Ghost + Crypto Payments

With our web3 ethos and focus on interoperability here at Loop, we love Ghost’s open-source mission and have been excited to see crypto writers head there to write about the industry. Now those writers can use Loop to collect on-chain crypto subscriptions to support their work.

The Stripe integration is here!

Accepting crypto payments just got 10x easier - Loop now integrates with Stripe! This is a powerful new integration that will bridge the worlds of fiat and crypto. Companies can utilize the process they already built with Stripe but with crypto rails for payment.

5 accounting best practices for accepting crypto payments

We sat down with some of our crypto accounting friends to demystify crypto accounting and help you get started. In this post, we've compiled a list of the best practices related to crypto accounting for those exploring or already accepting or sending crypto payments.

Using Loop with Gnosis Safe

This guide will walk you through what to expect when using a Gnosis Safe wallet with Loop Crypto. Loop Crypto takes the hassle out of paying with crypto via a multi-sig wallet, such as Gnosis Safe. By using Loop for checkout, multi-sig owners can turn on crypto autopay.

Supercharging payroll apps

At its core, Loop is a relayer. This allows applications to decouple the on-chain action with the intended functionality (e.g. workflow approval). Applications can focus on building superior product experiences with minimal friction from on-chain interactions.

The most adaptable payment system is here. 🔥

One of the most powerful features of web3 is full control over your assets, i.e. self-custody. Every transaction is signed and approved by you, ensuring that you are always in control and that no one can access your funds unless you grant permission.

Introducing Loop Crypto

Crypto autopay has been a key feature missing from web3 for too long. Our vision is for Loop Crypto to become a part of the core web3 infrastructure, an infrastructure that is user and builder owned, token governed, and designed with interoperability at its core.