Pinata launches crypto payments with Loop Crypto


We are excited to announce that Loop Crypto is powering crypto subscription payments for Pinata, one of the biggest IPFS providers in the web3 space. For those unfamiliar, IPFS is a distributed system for storing and sharing data. Pinata focuses on providing developers and creators the tools needed to build the future of web3. They are strong advocates for web3 and have been building the infrastructure to make decentralized storage simple and accessible for teams and builders across the ecosystem.

As a proponent of web3 and IPFS, offering an option to pay in crypto has always been important to Pinata. They believe in the power of decentralization. Enabling a web3-native payment method for their subscription plans aligned with that belief. As the Pinata team searched for a crypto payment gateway, it was critical to find a partner that could be easily implemented within their existing checkout flow. With the ability to easily create checkout links in Loop Crypto, Pinata has been able to quickly set up a crypto payment option for their customers.

Background on Pinata

Kyle Tut founded Pinata in 2018. The initial idea for Pinata was born at the ETHBerlin conference during a hackathon and then was officially launched in Omaha, Nebraska. Given its hackathon origins, Pinata has a developer mentality at its core. Their suite of products makes it easier for both large companies and solo hackers to build in web3. Pinata maintains hundreds of server locations globally making it possible for creators to build on any blockchain and leverage IPFS.

Pinata has been the backbone of the web3 space for more than 5 years, providing rock-solid IPFS media support to projects large and small. Recently, Pinata has expanded its service offerings to include Farcaster APIs, Farcaster Auth, and Farcaster Hubs as a peer-to-peer social data complement to IPFS's peer-to-peer media storage layer. Whether you need IPFS or Farcaster or both, Pinata is the easiest way to get started.

One prominent feature Pinata offers is the concept of dedicated gateways for IPFS. This allows their users to have private IPFS nodes that can recall and serve up data even quicker than the typical public network option. Recently, they are also particularly focused on the Farcaster ecosystem.  They now offer Farcaster APIs, Farcaster Auth, and Farcaster Hubs as a peer-to-peer social data complement to IPFS's peer-to-peer media storage layer. This suite of services makes it easy to build social apps on Farcaster. 

Pinata’s services power some of the most prominent players in web3 including brands like OpenSea, Ledger, DraftKings, Gala Games, and Sorare. They have hundreds of thousands of users around the world and help store hundreds of millions of files.

Demand for crypto payments

Pinata’s user base is composed mostly of developers. These users tend to be on-chain and comfortable transacting in crypto. By offering a simple option for crypto subscription payments, Pinata believes many of these developers will opt into paying in crypto for their Pinata subscription. We are excited to see how crypto payments will power Pinata’s continued growth!

If you are exploring the Farcaster ecosystem or utilizing IPFS, make sure to check out Pinata’s suite of tools and services. You can learn more about Pinata on their website or follow them on Warpcast or Twitter. And of course, make sure to use Loop when you check out for your Pinata subscription! 😁

For companies looking to implement crypto payments in minutes, let’s talk. Companies like Pinata choose Loop to simplify their checkout processes and offer an easy-to-use crypto payment process to their customers.


About Loop

Loop Crypto is designed for companies, DAOs, and projects that need to get paid or make payments in crypto. Whether the payment is one-time or recurring, Loop supports a broad range of payment use cases: subscriptions, one-time charges, recurring bill pay, loan repayments, and donations. Loop has processed millions of dollars in on-chain transactions and powers crypto payments for the leading brands in web3 like ENS, Privy, Alchemy Subgraphs, Paragraph, Neynar, and many others.

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