Loop makes invoice payments even easier with new Xero integration

TL;DR: Loop now integrates with Xero for invoicing. Continue to use Xero to generate invoices and now get paid in crypto via Loop. Invoices are automatically marked paid (including the transaction hash) when you receive the crypto payment, so you save hours of manual reconciliation work. Set up is as simple as clicking a button (literally).

Loop + Xero

A few weeks back, we announced the launch of our QuickBooks integration. We ship quickly here at Loop, so we’re excited to share that our integration with Xero is now live as well 😎. In working with our clients, we realized that invoicing with traditional web2 financial tools and getting paid in crypto was much harder than it needed to be. Startups and finance teams were spending hours reconciling invoices with transactions, trying to match up which payments belonged to which invoice. 

In addition to this time lost, there was also the risk that the customer sent funds to the wrong place (and sometimes too much or too little). When you create an invoice and instruct a customer to send funds to a wallet address, there is a lot that can go wrong. The customer needed to ensure they were on the right chain, sending the right token to the right address, and then if there’s any type of conversion rate to calculate that caused even more friction. At Loop, we set out to automate this manual, error-prone process by integrating with the invoicing solutions that are already widely used like Xero and QuickBooks.

How does it work

If you’re already using Xero for accounting but didn’t know you could use Xero for invoicing as well, check it out! The invoicing solution is included for free within their top two pricing tiers. Even the “Early” tier allows you to manage 20 invoices per month.

If you have been using Xero already to do your invoicing, very little changes. You create an invoice as usual in Xero. When you go to send the invoice to the customer, simply add your Loop checkout URL to the email template. When the customer receives the email, she simply clicks on the Loop checkout link and authorizes the payment. As soon as the payment processes on chain, the Xero invoice will be marked as paid and the transaction hash will be synced with the invoice and stored in the Reference field in Xero invoice. As simple as that!

Note: If you want to dig into more details, you can always checkout out our documentation.

How to get started

Set up is as easy as clicking a button. If you’re not already using Loop, it only takes a few minutes for us to set up your account. From there, we simply generate a link for you to click and immediately connect your Xero account to Loop.

Let’s start saving you time now. Schedule a call to get started.


Loop Crypto

Loop Crypto makes it simple to collect and pay in crypto by allowing companies to turn on autopay and schedule payments. Built by web3 veterans, Loop unlocks payment automation to reduce customer churn and eliminate time-consuming payment collection and follow-up. By connecting on-chain and off-chain data, Loop streamlines invoice reconciliation, accounting, and fits seamlessly into your financial stack.

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© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.