Loop makes it simple for Integral to accept crypto payments and automate subscription management


When it came to closing deals with web3 teams, Integral needed a solution to automate the collection of recurring crypto payments from their customers. Integral is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that collects usage-based subscription payments on a recurring basis. The team started by only accepting payment in fiat via Stripe, but their crypto accounting focus meant that they increasingly worked with on-chain teams that wanted and often needed to pay for their subscriptions in crypto. 

Throughout 2023 and into 2024, Integral has been growing at a rapid pace. As the team focused on closing deals, they did not have time to focus on payment operations. They needed a crypto payment gateway that could automate the management of crypto payments end to end. This is why they turned to Loop Crypto in the Spring of 2023 to enable crypto subscription payments.


Integral is a web3 accounting and financial management platform. They work with a broad variety of web3 teams and web2 teams interacting with the on-chain world. Their software allows teams to capture all of their on-chain activity and then layer on accounting rules and automation to simplify their workflows. Integral’s platform also offers a suite of integrations into popular accounting software, like QuickBooks and Xero, which enables teams to reconcile their on-chain revenue and expenses with their traditional fiat books.

Backed by a strong roster of investors including Coinbase, Franklin Templeton, Electric Capital, and others, Integral has worked with over 150 organizations helping them manage $10B+ worth of crypto transactions every month. These organizations include NFT projects, web3 infrastructure providers, web3 gaming, and a range of other verticals. While some organizations only have a small portion of their revenue or expenses on-chain, many of these teams are web3-natives managing large treasuries with the majority of their financial operations on-chain.

The Challenge

Working with so many web3-native teams meant that Integral needed a solution to allow them to accept crypto payments. Their clients continued to ask for a crypto payment option because they were generating revenue on-chain and wanted to use these funds without the extra work and cost of offramping into fiat. With their own background in crypto accounting, Integral knew they required a robust solution. Setting up a wallet and just having clients send funds to a public address would not work.

Integral wanted a crypto payment gateway that would capture payment details around each transaction automatically tagging each transaction as a payment for one of their subscription tiers and identifying which of their clients sent the funds. They also did not have the time to follow up on recurring payments each month. Their clients needed to be able to turn on crypto autopay and have funds sent on a recurring basis.

Working with Loop to accept crypto payments

Integral ultimately went with Loop Crypto for several reasons. First, it was extremely simple to set up. With no coding, they were onboarded in minutes. This was critical for the Integral team as they were actively working to close a deal with a client and needed a crypto payment solution that could be immediately deployed. Integral created a checkout link in Loop’s Company Dashboard and sent that to their client for immediate payment. The client made the payment and set up autopay so that crypto payments are now on autopilot each month.

This leads to the second reason Integral chose Loop: automation. As mentioned earlier, the Integral team did not have time to spend on payment operations and collections. With Loop, all receipts, payment reminders, and late notices are automated. Loop monitors clients’ wallet balances and takes proactive measures to ensure autopayments are successful month after month. So far, about 75% of Integral’s clients have provided payment authorization for a year's worth of payments. This means that as long as those clients keep their wallets funded, no action is needed on their end to make their monthly payments to Integral. When that authorization starts to run low in a year, Loop will simply prompt them to re-up the authorization in the Loop Customer Portal.

The final reason for going with Loop was the Stripe integration. The majority of Integral’s clients still pay them in fiat. While they predict that the share of those paying in crypto will grow, they need to manage a client base that is paying in both fiat and crypto. As Integral continues to scale, Loop’s integration with Stripe will allow them to monitor the subscriptions and payments of all of their clients within the Stripe dashboard.

“We manage our revenue operations via Stripe, so it’s critical to have a crypto autopay solution like Loop that can seamlessly plug into Stripe and leverage all of the functionality we had already configured through Stripe.” - William Grant (Head of Operations, Integral)


At Loop, we’re excited to continue working with the Integral team as they enter their next phase of rapid growth. The team is hyper-focused on user experience and building infrastructure to simplify web3 financial operations. This is very much in line with our own mission at Loop where we’ve processed millions of payments helping businesses get paid on time without the manual effort.

To learn more about Integral and their web3 accounting offering, check out their website or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’re focused on growing revenue among a crypto-native client base, let’s talk. Loop can help you close deals and automate your payment operations.


About Loop

Loop Crypto is designed for companies, DAOs, and projects that need to get paid or make payments in crypto. Whether the payment is one-time or recurring, Loop supports a broad range of payment use cases: subscriptions, one-time charges, recurring bill pay, loan repayments, and donations. Loop has processed millions of dollars in on-chain transactions and powers crypto payments for the leading brands in web3 like ENS, Privy, Alchemy Subgraphs, Paragraph, Neynar, Pinata, and many others.

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