Loop integrates with Chargebee making it even easier to accept crypto payments for subscriptions

TL;DR: Loop now integrates with Chargebee making it easy for businesses to accept crypto payments for their subscription pricing models. 

Loop + Chargebee

Back in 2021, we set out to make it simple to enable recurring crypto payments for subscriptions. We were working on a product that required monthly recurring crypto payments, but there was no crypto autopay solution in the market at the time. Therefore, we built Loop 🙂, making it easy to get paid in crypto on a recurring basis whether you’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business or any other type of merchant with a subscription pricing model.

We are particularly excited about the integration we built (and are now announcing) with Chargebee. For those unfamiliar with Chargebee, it is a subscription management platform that makes it easy for businesses around the world to set up and manage just about any type of subscription plan. Whether your subscription is based on flat-rate tiers, quantities, usage, or some other configuration, chances are that Chargebee has the pricing logic pre-built for you.

As we seek to build for the web 2.5 world and develop features that seamlessly connect with companies’ existing financial operations stacks, building an integration into Chargebee was a no-brainer. As described below, you can now use Chargebee to manage your subscription product details while collecting payment in crypto via Loop. The full flow is automated, no need to waste time manually reconciling crypto subscription payments ever again.

How does it work?

Loop’s integration allows you to use all of your pre-configured products and pricing logic in Chargebee. This means that Loop can mirror and generate crypto payment links for all of your pre-existing products. You’ll continue to use whatever fiat payment processor you have configured with Chargebee, and then when a customer wants to pay in crypto, you’ll use Loop.

There are several ways to implement Loop (with our checkout page or widget). Regardless of your setup, once a customer pays via Loop, the payment details will be synced with Chargebee and the open invoice in Chargebee marked as paid automatically. There’s no manual intervention needed on your end.

Note: If you want to dig into more details on how exactly the integration works and the different pricing models we support, check out our documentation.

What are the benefits?

(1) Automated billing

Loop allows you to extend the advanced subscription logic of Chargebee into crypto payments with a few clicks. There’s no complicated setup. All of the automation and logic you have pre-configured in Chargebee is pulled into Loop, no need to reconfigure or rebuild anything. Automated billing just works across fiat and crypto.

(2) One source of truth 

If you’re using Chargebee as your source of truth to provide access to your product for customers, you do not need to change anything. After going through the Loop checkout, the customer will be created in Chargebee and your workflow will function as intended to grant that customer access. 

(3) Seamless tracking of payments

In terms of accounting, if you’re using Chargebee for invoicing and tracking accounts receivables, you can track all your invoices in Chargebee as usual, regardless of if the customer is paying in fiat or crypto. Separately, you can monitor the inflow of crypto to your balance sheet, which can be handled using Loop’s transactions page alongside crypto accounting solutions.

(4) Discount codes and more

Allowing companies to continue using Chargebee as their subscription management platform means companies can also leverage the native features of Chargebee on top of Loop’s rails. This means being able to utilize features like free trials and discount codes. There are several other enhancements on the horizon that will allow the crypto payment experience to mirror Chargebee’s current fiat capabilities.

How to get started

To get started, you’ll simply need a Chargebee account and a wallet address for where you want to receive funds from your customers. If you’re already using Chargebee and have been looking for a way to accept crypto, let’s talk. Setup can take as little as a few minutes.


About Loop

Loop Crypto makes it simple to collect and pay in crypto by allowing companies to turn on autopay and schedule payments. Built by web3 veterans, Loop unlocks payment automation to reduce customer churn and eliminate time-consuming payment collection and follow-up. By connecting on-chain and off-chain data, Loop streamlines invoice reconciliation, accounting, and fits seamlessly into your financial stack.

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© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.