How to connect a Gnosis Safe multisig wallet to the Customer Portal


Loop's Customer Portal allows you to monitor and manage all of your web3 payments. By simply connecting a wallet, you can see every historical transactions via Loop for that wallet as well as any upcoming payments scheduled for the future. In this guide, we walk through how to connect a Gnosis Safe multisig to the Customer Portal and use the portal to manage payment authorizations.

Signing into the Customer Portal

Once you have navigated to the Customer Portal, start by clicking on Connect Wallet. You will then need to select the EOA wallet you use as your signer wallet for the multisig. This can be a browser extension wallet like a MetaMask or a Coinbase wallet, or you can use WalletConnect to connect a variety of other wallets.

Once you have connected your EOA wallet, you will be prompted to provide a gasless signature to confirm that you own the wallet. After providing the signature, you will enter the Customer Portal.

Selecting your Safe wallet

In the top right corner of the Customer Portal, you will notice that it shows the network and address of the wallet connected. You should see the wallet address of the EOA wallet that you just connected.

Next to the EOA wallet address, click the down arrow. This will show you any Safe multisig wallets where that EOA wallet is a signer. Click on the address of the Safe wallet. This will automatically refresh the page to show any transactions and authorizations associated with that Safe wallet. If you want to go back to seeing the transactions and authorizations of the EOA wallet, simply click on the address of the Safe wallet again. The page will automatically refresh.

The quick video below shows you how you can toggle back and forth between seeing the transactions and authorizations of your EOA and your Safe wallet where that EOA is a signer. Notice that when the EOA wallet is connected you see the MetaMask orange fox icon whereas when the Safe wallet is connected, you see the black Safe logo next to the wallet address.

Managing authorizations

Once you have selected your Safe wallet, you can view all of your historical transactions associated with that wallet. You can also navigate to the Authorizations page. On this page, you will see any prior and currently active authorizations. If you want to update the allowance for any of your authorizations, you can do so within the authorization card. Click the edit button next to the token name. You can then adjust the allowance to the desired amount. You will provide the first signature with your EOA wallet and then the remaining signers will be prompted to sign as well via the Safe app.

If you want to cancel a subscription, you can do so by clicking the Manage button and then selecting Cancel on the next page. Canceling the subscription is an off chain event, so the other signers are not required to complete the cancelation.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.