Glass makes it easy for web3 builders to pay in crypto with Loop

TL;DR: As Glass unlocks more capabilities for Farcaster Frames, the team goes from Loop Crypto user to implementing Loop for their own crypto subscription payments.


Since late January 2024, Farcaster Frames have been a driving narrative in web3, a new building block enabling projects and brands to rethink what’s possible within a social feed. If you’re newer to Farcaster and Frames, check out our profile of our client Neynar from a few weeks back. While the early activity around Frames was mostly confined to technical developers, the team behind Glass knew they wanted to make it simpler to leverage the power of Frames for unique in-feed experiences.

At Loop Crypto, we had the opportunity to work with Glass as they quickly launched their product and needed a solution for crypto subscription payments that could be implemented in minutes. The Glass team had already used Loop to set up their crypto subscription payments when paying for access to Neynar’s APIs. They knew how seamless the Loop experience was for crypto payments and wanted to implement it from the start.

How does Glass work?

Glass is a zero-code solution that allows projects and brands to embed unique experiences within a Farcaster Frame for their users. With the proliferation of bots and the general noise across social media, it can be difficult to identify and reward true followers of a brand or community. Glass set out to solve this problem by making it extremely easy to build a Frame that helps companies engage with their users.

For example, you might want to give a special discount code to all of your Farcaster followers that recast your post or gate certain content based on whether a user holds a specific NFT collection. All of this is possible with Glass, and they make it easy to set up with a few clicks. This removes the technical barrier that had been in place for those who wanted to experiment with the new paradigm of Frames.

Why did Glass turn to Loop for crypto subscription payments?

Building in web3, the Glass team knew they wanted to enable crypto payments for their product. With a focus on the Farcaster ecosystem, they were offering a service for brands and teams that held on-chain treasuries or were generating revenue in crypto. They wanted to offer them a crypto payment option to ensure they met their customers' payment requirements. The Glass team had actually already used Loop when making a crypto subscription payment for their Neynar subscription, so they were familiar with the Loop solution for recurring crypto payments.

Like most startups, Glass decided to go with Stripe for fiat payments, so they needed a crypto payment gateway that easily plugged into Stripe and allowed them to manage all of their subscribers in one place. Loop’s integration with Stripe offered just that. After a few minutes of setup, Loop automatically synced Glass’s subscription product logic from Stripe and generated a crypto checkout link. When a user lands on Glass’s site and wants to pay for a subscription, they simply click on the “Order with Credit Card” or “Order with Crypto” button depending on their payment preference. Regardless of how the user pays, all payment details are seamlessly pulled into Stripe, the invoice is marked as paid, and the user is granted access to Glass.

You can learn more about how Loop’s Stripe integration works by referring to our documentation where we detail the flexibility of Loop and all the different pricing models we support.

What’s next for Glass?

The team behind Glass is just getting started. They recently launched a redesign of their website, and they now offer over 15 different gating options enabling brands to tailor their social campaigns and block any unwanted bot activity. We’re still in the early days of Frames, but they see tons of potential for embedded Frame experiences to redefine how brands utilize social feeds to convert, engage with, and reward customers. To learn more about Glass, check them out on Warpcast or head over to their website to get started and pay with crypto for your subscription 😉.

If you’re building for clients who need to pay in crypto for subscriptions, let’s talk. Loop offers both a no-code implementation option as well as a robust set of APIs to meet the needs of any subscription model.


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