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TL;DR: Companies using Loop can now easily embed a Loop payment link within a Frame on Farcaster.

We’re excited to announce that Loop now supports Frames on Farcaster. This means you can create a Frame and embed a Loop checkout link for a one-time purchase (or multiple links for subscription tiers 🤯) directly within the Frame (see our documentation). This is a huge step forward in simplifying the checkout experience and helping you get paid fast!

Why we built this 

In case you missed the latest web3 news cycle, Frames are the next big thing! Here are a few articles to get you up to speed:

At Loop, our mission is to simplify crypto payments, so building an in-app purchase experience with Frames was a no-brainer (plus our Dev team was able to get in on the Frames fun of the last few weeks 😄). Frames present a massive opportunity to rethink and streamline the way end users sign up and check out for products and services. Having a payment solution that fits easily into the Frames architecture provides an essential building block for companies to provide better experiences and increase the conversion of customers who express an interest in their product.

Frames have been described as “interactive mini-apps,” essentially an application that users can interact with in their timeline without having to leave the social network. Frames allow companies to sell their products without the hassle of multiple redirects. It’s all about reducing friction, and we’re excited to have Loop be a part of furthering this smooth experience.

How does it work

If you’re using a Frame with Loop, the Frame can display up to four items for checkout. For example, you could show four different pricing tiers for your subscription, one-time purchases, or a combination of both. In the image above, you can see that there are two pricing options for Neynar. For added visibility, you can pin your Frame at the top of your channel if you’re using a Farcaster client like Warpcast.

Once a user clicks on the checkout link embedded within the Frame, the user is directed to a Loop checkout. All of Loop’s functionality remains available for this checkout experience, including coupon codes, free trials, and access to our integrations like Stripe.

You can check out an example of Loop checkout links embedded within a Frame here. We've set up a Frame where you can donate wevm for their TypeScript tooling projects. Make sure you have a Warpcast account to see the Frame in action.

Ultimately we see this as the first stop on the one-click crypto payment experience. We’re excited to continue iterating on how to more deeply embed the Loop Crypto payment experience within the Farcaster ecosystem.

If you want to learn more, check out our documentation on Frames. We’re always available for a quick call to walk you through setup in a matter of minutes.


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© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.