Entendre Finance uses Loop to enable crypto payments and automate its payment operations

TL;DR: Entendre Finance implemented Loop Crypto to unlock crypto subscription payments for their crypto-native customer base. As experts in crypto accounting, Entendre knew that they needed a solution like Loop rather than having customers send funds directly to a wallet address. Loop’s Stripe integration and robust feature set with autopay, reminders, and receipts have allowed Entendre to automate its payment processes.

Entendre Finance is an AI Accounting platform used to automate crypto activity and bookkeeping for finance teams. They are an early-stage web3 startup with a lean team focused on scaling their client base. Entendre works with a variety of businesses that have on-chain crypto activity and currently supports clients spanning DeFi, NFT collections, web3 fintechs, DAOs, and accounting firms. Many of their clients are crypto-native teams with large on-chain treasuries that they need to use to pay for services like Entendre’s accounting platform. As we’ll see below, this is why Entendre turned to Loop to make it easy for these teams to pay in crypto.

A classic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, Entendre is focused on growing subscription revenue. They offer a range of pricing tiers and billing periods (monthly, quarterly, and annually) to meet the crypto accounting needs of both early-stage companies and larger enterprises working in crypto.

At present, 20% of Entendre’s clients are paying them in crypto. The clients who pay in crypto tend to be crypto-native teams. They are protocols, Defi projects, and NFT collections that live on chain. They have large treasuries of native tokens and generate revenue in crypto. Paying Entendre in crypto makes their lives easier because they don’t have to go through the hassle of off-ramping every time they need to pay a bill. It ends up being faster and significantly cheaper. Off-ramping can typically cost 1% or more! In addition, off-ramping can lead to a taxable event and causes a variety of other transactions and fees that must be accounted for in the books.

On Entendre’s side, they’re a fan of getting paid in crypto as well. For one, it’s cheaper. There’s no 3% credit card processing fee deducted from their payments. Second, it is usually also an easier way to get paid compared to fiat when working with crypto-native teams. Entendre’s Co-Founder & CEO Kareem Khattab describes their experience:  

“When billing clients operating on-chain in the past, these clients would often need a few days to send fiat (off-ramp, then manually send a wire or ACH payment). It was actually a smoother payment process to accept crypto.” 

In addition to being easier, getting paid in crypto can also be the difference between winning and losing deals. At one point, Entendre had several large potential clients who needed to pay for their subscriptions in USDC. It may have seemed like the easy solution was to have the clients send funds directly to an Entendre-owned wallet to close the deals. While this may have solved the immediate issue, Kareem knew this approach would cause challenges down the road. 

“In the early stages of building a web3 company, it can seem easy to have clients send funds directly to your wallet. This may take a few minutes initially; however, it creates accounting challenges down the road to classify transactions and also leads to hours of work every month sending reminders and chasing late payments.”

At the same time, Entendre had also invested a significant amount of time setting up their products and invoice details in Stripe to support clients paying in fiat. With Stripe, Entendre was able to have unique contract terms and discounts for each of its clients. Stripe made it easy to issue credit notes, discounts, and free trials. Therefore, Entendre needed a crypto solution that could enable this as well. Having funds sent directly to a wallet would not scale. 

This is where Loop came in. After an initial call with Kareem to assess Entendre’s billing needs, the Loop team was immediately able to implement a Loop account integrated with Entendre’s Stripe instance. This meant that all of Entendre’s product details configured in Stripe synced with Loop instantly. For one of the initial clients that Entendre onboarded with Loop, they were able to issue a credit note (essentially a discount) via Stripe. The Stripe invoice was updated, automatically synced with Loop, and then the customer was charged the correct amount for their annual subscription. With Loop + Stripe, Entendre was now able to utilize the full suite of Stripe’s billing solutions with Loop as the crypto payment processor.

Another critical value of Loop for Entendre has been the payment notifications and reminders for their end customers. With Loop, customers receive a notification as soon as they turn on crypto autopay and make their first payment. There is also a standard payment reminder and late notice cadence. The ability for the customer to set up autopay and the standard reminder cadence are important factors in reducing churn, which can often be twice as high for customers who have to manually sign transactions month after month.

Note: You can learn more about Loop’s receipts and reminders in our documentation or in this video. Loop also offers a customer Portal where end users can view past transactions and manage upcoming payments.

Ultimately, Loop has allowed Entendre to both grow revenue and save time on its billing processes. Entendre has now added several large clients that needed to pay for their subscriptions in USDC. On the operations side, tracking revenue generated in crypto is much easier and less time-consuming. All transaction data, including the transaction hash, is captured in the Loop dashboard. This data is easily queryable with Loop’s API, and Entendre has built rules within their accounting platform to automatically categorize these transactions. It’s a seamless process that would have taken them hours a month to do manually without Loop.

To learn more about Entendre Finance and how you can use their accounting platform to simplify and automate your financial operations, check out their website.

If you’re focused on growing revenue among a crypto-native client base, let’s talk. Loop can help you close deals and automate your payment operations.


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Loop Crypto makes it simple to collect and pay in crypto by allowing companies to turn on autopay and schedule payments. Built by web3 veterans, Loop unlocks payment automation to reduce customer churn and eliminate time-consuming payment collection and follow-up. By connecting on-chain and off-chain data, Loop streamlines invoice reconciliation, accounting, and fits seamlessly into your financial stack.

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© Loop Crypto 2024. All rights reserved.

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