Earn Alliance streamlines crypto invoicing with Loop

TL;DR: Earn Alliance implements Loop Crypto to streamline its process of invoicing its global client base to make getting paid in crypto a seamless and accessible process while saving hours of manual work.


Earn Alliance, the largest web3 game aggregator and discovery platform is now using Loop Crypto to collect payment in crypto for games on the platform. With thousands of different games, and over 500k users and web3 enthusiasts who have amassed over 1 billion hours of gameplay history, Earn Alliance has emerged as the go-to place for web3 games. As a global business, they needed a billing solution that would allow them to invoice their clients and seamlessly get paid in crypto without the hassle of chasing down transaction hashes.

Loop met their needs with its Stripe integration making it easy for Earn Alliance to continue managing all of its invoices in Stripe while receiving payment in crypto. This saves Earn Alliance hours of work every month by removing the need to manually reconcile incoming crypto payments to invoices.

Background on Earn Alliance

Joseph “Coop” Cooper founded Earn Alliance in 2022 with a focus on creating a discoverability platform for web3 games. App stores and big gaming platforms like Epic were not catering or even allowing web3 games, so Coop saw an opportunity to build a product that would bring together web3 game developers with gamers.

One of the most innovative aspects of Earn Alliance is its concept of challenges. Game developers can configure specific campaigns or actions in their games and offer users the option to complete the challenge in exchange for a reward. These rewards can be tokens, Earn Alliance Gold, or NFTs. This challenge and rewards system allows game developers to experiment with new concepts and test game features with real users. Rewards are a strong incentive for gamers to come back day after day, and for many developers, Earn Alliance has become the go-to platform for launching and iterating on game design. While many of the users are savvy in web3, it is not a requirement. The platform makes it easy to simply discover great new games, play, and be rewarded.

Crypto invoicing for a global client base

Based out of Hong Kong, Earn Alliance serves a global audience. In particular, the game developers building on Earn Alliance are spread all over the world. Finding a common payment rail in the traditional financial world for this global customer base is challenging. That’s why crypto has proven to be an essential payment method for Earn Alliance.

Each month, Earn Alliance invoices game developers for the services it provides. The team has historically used Stripe for invoicing. While Stripe works well for fiat, it does not handle scenarios where clients need to pay in crypto across a variety of chains and tokens. In these cases, Earn Alliance was forced to ask clients to send funds to a wallet and then manually confirm that payment was made by matching up transaction hashes to invoices. As one can imagine, this was an extremely time-consuming process that was susceptible to errors if clients sent funds to the wrong address or on the wrong chain.

With Loop’s Stripe integration, Earn Alliance can now embed a crypto payment link directly within their invoice memo with clear instructions for how to pay in crypto. Once a client clicks on the link and initiates the payment, Loop automatically links that payment to the Stripe invoice and marks that invoice as paid in Stripe with the accompanying payment details. There is no manual reconciliation work needed. This saves Earn Alliance hours of work every month.

Learn more

To learn more about Earn Alliance, check out their website and follow them on Twitter. If you’re interested in trying out the platform, you can also find the latest Earn Alliance challenges here.

If you are looking to bring automation to your crypto invoicing process, let’s talk. Loop Crypto makes it easy to set up crypto payments in minutes and streamline your billing process.


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