Crypto subscription payments are live on Kaito powered by Loop

TL;DR: Kaito has implemented Loop to enable crypto subscription payments to continue fueling the rapid growth of its AI-powered search terminal for web3.


The leading web3 information platform, Kaito has implemented Loop Crypto to power crypto subscription payments for its customers. Kaito is an AI-powered search platform for web3. The company has been growing rapidly and hearing increased demand to pay in crypto from its global client base of researchers, builders, and investors. Many of their users are crypto-native and have expressed strong demand to pay in crypto. Kaito needed an automated solution that would streamline the process of accepting crypto and managing recurring monthly payments.

Background on Kaito

Kaito was founded in 2022 out of Seattle, Washington, by Yu Hu. After raising an initial round of capital from an impressive roster of investors including Dragonfly, Sequoia, Superscrypt, Spartan, and others, the team has expanded to over 20 and spans North America and Asia. 

Founder and current CEO, Hu comes from the world of traditional finance having formerly worked at Citadel. He recognized a gap in the information tooling available in web3 and wanted to build one unified platform to aggregate and make easily searchable all of the disparate data sources that are relevant in web3. In web3, Google search simply does not cut it. Critical information about web3 projects lives on platforms like Twitter, Discord, governance forums, Mirror blogs, podcasts, and conference transcripts. Using LLMs, Kaito has built a solution for indexing all of this data and making it easily searchable in one powerful tool called MetaSearch.

Kaito has been gaining significant traction since launching in Q4 2023. Today, they serve over 250 teams including leading web3 organizations like the Ethereum Foundation, Optimism, Eigenlayer, Berachain, Grayscale, Messari, Pantera, and others.

Accepting crypto subscription payments with Loop

The customers that use Kaito are global and tend to hold assets on chain. They are a mix of hedge funds, traders, researchers, and developers who leverage the powerful dataset and tooling Kaito has built. Many of these customers prefer and often need to pay in crypto for their subscriptions. While scoping out crypto payment options, the team quickly realized they needed a solution that would scale and meet the needs of their rapid growth. They needed automation, and specifically a solution that would enable recurring crypto payments for their users. This would streamline the process of paying in crypto for both Kaito and its users. The Kaito team anticipates that they will save hours every month with Loop’s automations that eliminate the hassle of manually collecting and following up on crypto payments.

In addition to automating recurring crypto payments and providing Kaito’s customers with a simple checkout UI, Loop also integrated with Stripe. This meant that all of Kaito’s subscribers and payment records would sync automatically to Stripe regardless of whether a customer paid in fiat or crypto. This dramatically simplified their operational processes and allowed them to configure all of their subscription plans in one place.

Kaito has rolled out crypto payments for its biennial payment option. They currently accept crypto payments across six different chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base) via Loop.

To learn more about Kaito and see Loop’s checkout for crypto subscription payments in action, head to their website. You can also follow Kaito on Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to meet customer demand and grow your subscription business with crypto payments, let’s talk. Loop makes it simple to implement crypto payments.


About Loop

Loop Crypto is designed for companies, DAOs, and projects that need to get paid or make payments in crypto. Whether the payment is one-time or recurring, Loop supports a broad range of payment use cases: subscriptions, one-time charges, recurring bill pay, loan repayments, and donations. Loop has processed millions of dollars in on-chain transactions and powers crypto payments for the leading brands in web3 like ENS, Privy, Alchemy Subgraphs, Paragraph, Neynar, Pinata, and many others.

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