ChainPatrol implements Loop to invoice & collect crypto subscription payments in any ERC-20

TL;DR: ChainPatrol utilizes Loop to enable invoicing and recurring crypto payments for its web3 security and threat monitoring platform. Loop allowed ChainPatrol to accept any ERC-20 token making crypto payments easy for a broad range of web3 clients.

We’re excited to announce that ChainPatrol is using Loop to enable crypto invoicing and recurring crypto subscription payments for its clients. Co-founded by Nikita Varabei, Vito Giovannetti, and Umar Ahmed, ChainPatrol is on a mission to provide real-time security for web3 communities. They’ve built an advanced threat monitoring system powered by AI to continuously scan all aspects of companies’ brands and digital footprints to address threats as they arise.

ChainPatrol turned to Loop to ensure they had a reliable and secure crypto payment gateway that could support a broad range of ERC-20 tokens. As they work with many projects across the crypto ecosystem with their own native tokens, they needed a crypto payment solution that was flexible enough to handle a variety of billing scenarios and token options.

ChainPatrol has already worked with some of the leading communities in web3 including the Arbitrum Foundation, zkSyncCoW Swap, and many others. One of their greatest accomplishments to date was helping the Arbitrum Foundation successfully launch the ARB token in March 2023. Their threat detection platform blocked and addressed over 1,000 malicious actors in the days leading up to the launch and ensured the token disbursement went smoothly.

In the Spring of 2023, ChainPatrol entered a16z’s Crypto Startup School. During this time, the team continued to refine and enhance their product. Through the a16z network, we had the chance to meet the ChainPatrol team. As they focused on their go-to-market strategy, we recognized there was a great opportunity to work together. ChainPatrol’s customer base was and continues to be on-chain teams and foundations that hold large crypto treasuries and manage their expenses in crypto. These teams need to pay in crypto for services like ChainPatrol. With our own focus on trust and security, Loop was an ideal partner to facilitate crypto payments for ChainPatrol’s customers.

Since our initial meeting, ChainPatrol has trusted the Loop protocol to process large crypto payments for its clients. Loop’s flexibility to enable crypto invoicing and recurring crypto subscription payments along with our ability to support a wide range of ERC-20 tokens were critical factors in ChainPatrol’s decision to go with Loop. As ChainPatrol continues to scale and protect more web3 communities, Loop offers them a reliable crypto payment option to meet the needs of these teams.

To learn more about ChainPatrol and their threat detection and take-down services, check out their website and follow them. If you need a crypto payment gateway for crypto invoicing and recurring crypto subscription payments, let’s talk. Loop Crypto makes it simple to implement crypto payments for any payment model.


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