Loop Crypto team photo from San Francisco

Who we are

We’re serial entrepreneurs, crypto veterans, and prolific builders who have worked on everything in our past lives from financial technology to distilling alcohol. Our team has spent time in the public and private sectors spanning large institutions and hyper-growth startups.

We’ve been here before, and we love creating at the cutting edge of web3 to bring this technology to a broader audience. We are building solutions to problems we faced firsthand. And, as a remote-first company, we do it all while having fun and living where we want to live.

Life at Loop

"Work" shouldn’t be a four-letter word. We love what we do because we love who we’re doing it with. Loop is a team of smart, driven, fun-loving people who take pride in what we're all trying to accomplish. We’re a fast-moving agile team that learns best by doing, and we ship quickly.

We  think having a good work/life balance isn't just the right thing to do, but actually better for business. We stay connected and collaborate using tools like Slack, Jira, and Notion along with standups and product demos to make sure everyone is in the loop. IRL interactions are still the best for culture building and forging relationships, so we catch up once a quarter to work together and have a little fun.

Loop Crypto team photo from Chicago team meeting

Our culture

Our culture is rooted in humility and collaboration. The best idea wins. We move fast and ship often, so while we value process and structure, there is no time for hierarchy or bureaucracy. Individual ownership is key, and we empower everyone on the team to be a leader.

We’re a diverse team that seeks to encourage more new faces in web3. We span the gambit of explorers and homebodies. While you may find us coding from a coffee shop in Lisbon or reviewing a PR after a hike in the Rocky Mountains, we’re also parents, spouses, and dog lovers whose biggest adventures are loops around the block with a dog and a stroller. What brings us all together and makes us successful is a shared love of beautiful products that make life simpler and empower businesses and individuals to spend their time and resources more efficiently.


  • Quarterly meetups
  • 100% covered medical plans
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Funding for home office technology and supplies
  • Company hackathons with prizes
  • Funding for conference travel
  • Highly coveted Loop avatar


This could be you.

Eleni Steinman - CEO & Founder of Loop Crypto
Co-founder & CEO
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Shane van Coller - CTO & Founder of Loop Crypto
Co-founder & CTO
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Rocco Panacci - Senior Software Engineer, Loop Crypto
Senior Software Engineer
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Mike Rivera - Senior Software Engineer, Loop Crypto
Senior Software Engineer
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Jeff Cangialosi - Head of BizOps, Loop Crypto
Head of Biz Ops
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Michelle Fang - Senior Software Engineer, Loop Crypto
Senior Software Engineer
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Scott Keto, Advisor for Loop Crypto
Senior Software Engineer
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Andrew Page, Advisor for Loop Crypto
Link to Andrew's LinkedIn profile
Andrew Page, Advisor for Loop Crypto
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